This series makes a contemporary representation of works by three artists that influenced my way of seeing and feeling art: Rembrandt van Rijn [Holland, 1606-1669], Vincent van Gogh [Holland, 1853-1890] and Edvard Munch [Norway, 1863-1944]. Said creators, in addition to exerting great influence on my work,...(Read more)


Sky Project

This exhibition project and artistic creation developed from the design and launching of an international campaign that seeks to involve people of different origin and/or social background in the perception of their environment and of their context by elaborating a special synaesthesia, since it will make the participants aesthetically perceive a fragment of their context that at the same time is patrimony of the world community: the sky...(Read more)


Ode to Nostalgia

The artist makes an apology of the construction of “another nature” to which artistic works constantly refer, reconsidering through the contrast between the pieces and their verbal components how the human being has turned artistic reality into something more credible than the objective reality itself, in constant cultural operations...(Read more)